The New Enforcer II Ford Transit Connect Review

van laptop computer mountThe new Enforcer II Ford Transit Connect is an advanced seat rail vehicle laptop desk which is ideally designed for Ford Transit Connect. The desk base plates are built to bolt into the Ford Transit Connect 2010 – 2013 Models.

The Enforcer II Ford Transit Connect computer mounts desktop can swivel, tilt, turn, allowing you configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it.

You can work on your laptop from either side of your vehicle; this feature is made possible by the use of a strong articulating arm which allows users to turn the mount from side to side.

The laptop position can be adjusted by bringing the desktop up or down. This is made possible by the use of the height adjustable main rod. For larger consoles, you can configure the positions by bringing the articulating arm up and over.

Shock Pads absorb collision and safeguard your equipment

Fits 17″ Screens

Seat Bolt Installation – No Drilling

The Enforcer II Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van laptop desk enables you to use your laptop perfectly from both the drivers side, and the passenger side. Typically this is just like sitting at an office desk with a much better seat when you have it on the passenger side. You can position it, adjust the height, tilt the table, adjust the screen and also tighten it to stay. It’s clear underneath so you have lots of leg room.

Passengers can simply move the articulation arm over to the center when not in use, so you can transport a passenger with no trouble using the transport mode, and it does not affect the seat movement.

You can move the laptop mount from one vehicle to the another. This laptop desk system was built for heavy industrial usage on the job site, construction, in law enforcement, Police Patrol Car situations, and oilfield usage where off-road use could occur.

3 Year Warranty – most competitors are 30 days

Direct Shipping UPS right to your door

Field Tested

Built For Police Use – they did not want the mount swinging around in high-speed situations, or slamming on the brakes, or extreme cornering, this desk was built for such extreme use

Use The Desk On Either Side Of The Vehicle – The Stand Swings 360 Same as Desktop – Articulating Arm is Custom Made – Provides Strength At Full Extension.

Shock Control Top – shock absorbing desktop reduces vibration impact to your computer, minimizing the risks to your equipment, designed tough to withstand this environment.

The installation of the mobile desk is fast and simple. With an already designed custom base plate, you install using the front seat bolts, this securely mounts this desk for solid dependable service.

Desk Top provides secure hold mechanisms and allows the laptop screen to close securely. The shock control system guards your laptop while traveling. It will revolve over any console, communication and/or radio equipment and yet folds up in transport for out of the way travel and storage.

Articulating Arm allows for operation even outside the cargo van if required. This desk is designed to take the conditions that construction, oil field, long haul truckers contractors, and all Public Safety personnel will put it through.

Upright is fully height adjustable. Depending on the specified vehicle, all are adjustable; however cars, require less height than trucks, so different height pedestals are made for different applications. The correct height will be put into your package when you order.